An introduction

Welcome to a living poetry blog (and a resource of over 500 poems plus a number of poetry publications. This site enables the poet to connect with audience.

The site displays one poem per page. Under collections, are the publications in progress.

Each collection is arranged from the most recent then back in time so you are likely to see the most fresh poems first. All poems are the work and copyright of Nicholas Alexander.

From May 2023: a new publishing method – the front page is a work in progress, until it isn’t.  I used to write poems very quickly, almost instinctively and eventually learned to publish them seconds.  It makes a good backstory but I thought i would try something slightly different now.

The front page of this site is a WORK IN PROGRESS.  It is like to change and evolve every day. If you want to experience a poets mind functioning, you are welcome to return to the site daily and see what happens. Sometimes it is unexpected, sometimes a poem is finished and becomes findable on page 2.

And then a new poem may start.  You can comment on the front page or in our facebook group if it still works….

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