How to use this site

Chaos and Matter is a collection of my poetry. The HOME page is the latest poem, currently being edited (if you click on the title of the work, you can leave your contribution as comments) with the chronological page navigation that goes back several years.

Poems may be written in the moment, often forgoing an edit. Once a poem ages, their life is recycled and edited in Collections which eventually are formalised as Books. Once a poem is published in a book, it can no longer be edited or moved. Them are the rules.

The poems attempt to place a kaleidoscope of doubt over vivid imagery, thought-provoking metaphors, productive introspection, the exploration of the strange. Floating ideas that do not settle like rain on a warm day or a bird lost at sea where random surreal dualities twist the mechanisms of language.

The latest poem in a work in progress. You may leave messages of encouragement or scorn here or on my Facebook group.
The current state and history of edits are only available for the work in progress. Before it becomes part of a Collection. Your comments may influence the formation of seven poetry books which stack up.


Here is the agenda for increasing this site’s excitement level

  1. Audio book of recent works
  2. Audio book of book one
  3. Re-publish book one on Amazon

This is what we will do never do is 100% human derived poetry.

I will never use AI to write poetry, here. Poetry is already a dinosaur and it is not that AI can not write poetry, it is just a different form of painting and the results should never supplant our own ingenuity. AI has other uses like making educational examination pointless.

A singular exception was using a thesaurus on one poem ( as an experiment. I am in two minds about it. My words are not choices but usually ‘streaming’, I just write and do not think I want to edit most of the time. Strangely: meaning, clarity and meter have taken a backseat to imagery, assonance and resonance – maybe these choices can fluctuate in postmodern frenzied vectors or perhaps they have stabilised and defined something that changes like a snake finding a path through gorse. AI may be technically better, but in conversations with it, I have found no friend, a lot of false kindness and a vague gift of the gab but it is not real knowledge it is imparting, it is what it can find and dress up as a construction of billions of ideas at its disposal. It is a grand rapid jigsaw that pieces together a possible group of words that usually are structured to hell and rhyme with slime and wants you to think it sublime. AI does not write with philosophy, it uses a different toolset for its thinking. Which is why I believe the AI poetry is in fact the exact reverse of poetry. It is not an accumulation of rules with an ever growing resource of everything our minds publish. Poetry is not so much concerned with what we have already said. Sure, there is a place for referential or reverential verse: but there are places for every variety as there are writers.

There are billions of poets waiting to be heard. I hope to express myself and not construct poetry itself, but my technical practise allows me to utilise technology like a spacesuit, isolated from the art but enable me to experiment.

Poetry is not important but it exists. If you can enter this world, it is like living in five dimensions (I am assuming the fourth dimension to be time, which poetry merely nibbles at.