What to care for

Not the strange ways of the cat lady
so concerned with sequences
hiding truth then revelations
behind walls that do not separate
but through which mechanical artifacts control sounds
stirring a blanket of electrical malfunctions

the switchboard overloaded by hands with too many fingers
too much to control means nothing is controlled
but that reflects inward and inverts control.

Manufacturing chance becomes futile as the result is
more towns destroyed by floods
more artifacts left in inappropriate spaces
more long conversations about alien invasions

No, space is independence from thought
and a place for vision to penetrate
nothing wrong with self-interest
but it is not interesting
to catalogue the self
using the same words

we are human and
that is what we do
we want to be heard


This den of blue jays
singing their night song

This place of rest and repose
quiet and forgiving

this is the place I can be