What we value

We celebrate your vision, your eyes on the world
Your thoughts that absorb
To taste the dew settling on leaves
The quizzical bird or suspicious cat
The hungry heron and friendly alligator
Children harvesting rock pools, building castles
Our lives creating and watching the children grow
The cat watches you work
Your meticulous fingers creating wonder
You look over the shoulders of the world
And hoping for peace, knowing and caring
You shout at the broadcast and call out the fiends
You care for your friends and the crazy world we find
Ourselves in, we grew up and they told us to behave
and yet they tricked us with their chaos and confusion

And you see the world through beautiful eyes
You make pictures of what matters
You celebrate nature and all its imperfection
Its twisting vines and abundant fruit
The hunters and the innocents
The flowers waving in a gentle breeze
Irises and elderflower abundant and breathing
and those famous women running into the sea

Celebrating life

For Fifi on her birthday