Why Poverty?

Why Poverty?

Because it is the product of wealth.

Before enterprise took, we were all nearly
the same, some had authority but we
tasted the same wine, of course, it was vile

but it was there and it was shared
everyone was important, are these the days
we hark back to when we saw the poor burn
a few folded pocket warmers
from a safe distance

When they were granted
a few golden tickets to secret clubs
all the private privilege
to haunt and bore away
whether it was
trade union or Masonic Lodge

it’s the strong arm against the thinker
it is muscle against the planning for winter
it is the builder of houses and that of dreams
collections of illusions

as we became civilisations
those that could
committed crimes

murder, slavery, spreading disease, poisoning, neglect

they put us in boxes and wrapped them in gun cotton
their ritual sacrifices show how they
protect us from fear

We choose liers and they ensure we never
taste the wine reserved for them

schools are vehicles and business the juggernaut

we can continue to live like this
we can continue to live

under their yoke
their magic