The Passed

Let it go he said wild as a cherry
Spin around to control the crowd
Eye and hair motifs outlast the paint
Worn costumes cast aside for drama
The effects of the made up
Illusions that drive home the stage
Each place that the heart was crossed

Killing time with weapons like words
Being lost under the turning wheel
Thought loose impossible to trace
The movie of our lives watches us
Watching you never fade
nearly every year a new river forms
we hear your visions find the way
with the map we never bought
with the mind we can not control

Abandoned dreams sit in the warehouse
Shelves are empty
The passage takes the unwitting down
to a forgotten land, a world that nobody travels to
unless they fall first, fall and flitter in the sticky air
Brace yourself if you land you may scatter
under the rocks time laid for you to break upon

Now you walk about the orbiting silence