When You Leave

When you leave my house
Swim to your car in the dark
When you trickle up the red path
Little stones fade beneath your soluable feet
and your well controlled
walk evolves into progress
away from the even-ing
hackles low and festering.

Reality does what it does to people
It takes time to make clouds with your feet
up in the heavens the dust is so bright
we can’t see anything
except the intensity in your eyes
when you go to another land
to speak their language with your hands
Your tongue starts to pack fat
so when you get back
they put it right on the rack

Tearing off your clothes
blood heads to your toes
a path in the dark where people will dance
a fire crisp and hot burns out the cells
holding an image of the warm bodies and
a complete lack of exertion
a diet of swollen belly
and constant mantra repetition
will not let my mouth fill


the pillars holding society up
are pulling the rugs under the muck
giving us the blues,
they’re so rotten

They lose the firmness of their fibs
under reality’s tender ribs
They stick to the virgin earth
like a kind of indelible dirt
They sink under the skin surface
of your shrine
where disease is dealt with
by enzymes and glands
rather than
rusty old jails filled
with fools and brass bands

– October 1992

Recording and Mix © 2016