a bad day

…when sleep takes over too quickly
and then departs too early
when you eat
but there is no hunger
free to satisfy
when you look at the vast
gymnasium of holiday shoppers
lugging weighted apologies embarrassing
trinkets neatly hidden in gold wraps
so it all seems familiar and safe
but under there is a soap on a rope
or a penis shaped candle
and what percentage of Aunties will be subjected
to it at office parties across this city and many others
this ritual of adding to the pile of junk things you do not want
to mimic how they set fire to that great wall
how the man threw more paper at it
“its liquid ain’t it?” he cried
and the stock brokers were terribly serious
for the photographers
after having laid to waste the plans of twenty somethings
never fear, to the rescue come granny
she learns ebay to pay the mortgage,
and measures up the grandchildren
before the price drops too far