A River

Rolling and rolling like the waves it eventually will become
this surge of liquid power carves its valley and takes
aged stones from the mountains
its power and determination unfolds
as time ripples away all fear
slowly the snake unfolds itself
and more direct paths are found
as it wears away the undeserving landscape
a twisting undulation surges
the fish challenge its flow
a competition to survive unfolds for its own sake

and we walk by its side in our minute slice of time
we wander and gaze at its eddies and twirling morass
a story, a life, a meaning
but for us the beauty is the gentle sounds
of water bubbling around the stones it has worn smooth

it is those sparkling reflections of sunlight
spectacular and constantly changing
as this day unfolds itself
and the warmth fills the valley
with the sighs of a breeze
and the laughter of birds
flickers in the trees

for Fiona, with love