Broken Glass

Fractured along an imaginary rib
the stones fell in the garden and the right places
but the water stopped flowing in the fountain
the walls were stone like and measured in steam passing
over the walls
the television was on and playing a distasteful tune
over and again like a broken record or a terrible mistake

Now the the winter of our contempt rising
now is the time we look around the corner expecting
the wind to chaff our skin

now we see the sky open to swallow us up
latency and appendages not correctly helpful
jokes when sadness approaches do not really help
keep telling that to yourself as you dance on hot pins
the feet lift to avoid frying and as a consequence the other lands

the window was shining in the sun
the reflection got lodged in the eye
an after image painted on
red paint to face the daily battle

the sounds of reason rattle and distinctly make little
of the thunderous spent rain surging down the flooded
river debris going faster than trains toward the sea

Haggle all you like, the price remains the same
walk about the flag and forget what it means

but salute and expect your children to die in a war
and salute to the kingdom