Choosing Players

The deal of dying dust black in the dark sort of purple in the light
it will be okay she said as she jacked it up both her arms
it won’t work she said and stared with a violet eye

The dreams of the street sleeper were playing out in the road
a vapoury being took to the stage and into a number of roles
he spread his arms like syrup over a pancake

a spirit passes over her skin
and rainbows appear in her eyes
there is nothing but time to get on with
the eyes on the mind were looking too closely
the heart of the matter will not be heard
or matter

there is the heart and the sword and the children must choose early on
which path they will take?

a foot in both canps means you are always standing on one foot
and that would not do
you just bought new shoes

choose your players wisely
populate your team with the fit
not the weak or the lazy shits
not the self important but the ones
who like to see others succeed
as they will be doing quite
a bit of that since you are their coach
it seems