Dead Weather

fallen waysides laid out plans
voodoo economics aside
the long dark night walking
around in ring chorus
water boiling
torrential rain drops
sink in and replenish
the ground under her
she walks on the decaying layers
old moss and dead leaves under feet
the rivers of money are a tide
in conflict with love
she claws out the root of the seed
the fallen roof
the washed earth
under neath the dreadful
wounds in the ground
the severed edges
hewn clay and sudden cliffs hang
the falling rock tumbles and
turns from the sky to the
Earth or lands in the sea
and can be forgotten about

the crown of dead leaves
crooked and encrusted with
the blood from old trees

the crooked earth underneath

the air that washes it all
makes it founder on rocks
and besiege the law

the ribbons of course

all tied up
like wealth

all locked down
like slavery

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