Deluge Blues

It was full of flowers and bees eating the nectar 
as seconds pass through your skin 
weapons upright held above their heads
their unfurling minds reeling at the task before them
the full edge of their platoon pitched as they were
and a spy discovers the truth that the enemy are
not so bad after all their women all lead to criminals
who’s prowess with deadly force and volanoes and cats
drown out all but the salient storms that flutter under his hat
it is as though the man has to travel the same path every three hours 
a lifetime of jumping out of planes and landing safely somehow
while wrestling their wounds deeply under the round
buried as they were while turning up and around
the wakeful shake of that storm that wreaked the city of towers
the people are tougher than that and snorkled in their living rooms
the screaming of the rich many floors up
won’t be able to get out to buy their weekly sup
or even walk the dog seventy floors down 
the beginning of the event and the frown as the leave 
after a show with many feathers and snow
but nothing much else as the actor was held
in a traffic jam and so we heard the
outpoured heart of the first to come forth
and speak to the crowd start a movement start a walk
until it is brisk and they shout 
as the wind dances ahead