The laughing Jesus climbed up
into her eyes, her face inflates
like the money she watched all day
her arms no longer lie akimbo
they fall at angles that no longer fit
her clothes seem tired like a nuisance
stretched at wild angles upon her
attacking like mad animals last summer

The laughing Judas fought along
her border falling into silence
as four points of a compass changed
places the sky was green and angry
the storm was over in a flurry
the woman’s face passes by the window
looking at the face of the other
now vast and saying too much

The laughing Midas gives her the fare
“take everything” he laughs and she did
so he pulls plugs and leaves a candle
burning under his house but the man
who wanted to go valiantly lies in
the daily headlines the last line
sticking on their lips
nothing they could do
except watch

The laughing cat nobody heard was seen
its tail was vapour around that corner
she walked and took mystery with her
all that junk she tugged with her
face fixed firmly at her feet
knowing only she went forward
knowing only that the future held
nothing for her
she plodded on anyway

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