distance terrors

The entire effort was enormous
three hundred and fifty six days spent without you
we seem to exist in two very different worlds
here and there over the jungle mystery danger
or the cakes that float on the water
meteorology played out by slaves
on the grand court of decision
here we have Collosus in chains
and there David without experience
pitched against one another to tell us how to win
we pick up the books and put them down again
leaves on the ground think of nothing
they are walked on
and no longer really
considered valid

like spent radio waves that get locked into weather systems and passed
between the sun and the moon, reflections from which ninety years later can be perceived as
if amplified from space. Or they are from a alien race. What you believe
tells you how to react to it
what we believe dictates whose
lives are taken without fear of divine retribution

there is no divinity for those that kill
there is no heaven for those that scar others
there is no calm for the evil of heart
and there is fun for Atilla the Hun

Civilization, huh?