economics at sea

the tide came in for years

and people felt warm
and unlatched their positions
drifted out to sea a little
trying to get traction in the wind

the time went out
and they fight
to keep their homes from sinking
down to the level of shoreline
and anenomies clumped to rocks
their arcane inspection of drifting particles

at first sight a handshake is more important than the facts
revealing the self is a faux pas when advantages
became reasons to be eaten
the pack of needful people starving
wander the streets looking
not for the empty
houses but the ones with food in them

they keep them out with
dogs and razor wire fences
a war with hunger its mediator

but the man is coming to be paid
and the money evaporated so away
he takes the wires and the alarms
and the dogs are now hungry and
they close the doors on them
barricade themselves into
shells with concrete walls
and pray 
for the
good old