Edited version:

caring for our young
two meters by two
a desert of cables leading to the child’s bedroom
those console games scattered in the bookshelves
the shopping never quite made it to the fridge
the always left on light switches
the stove controls that always broke
the elements that fried pans and non-stick surfaces
a specialty burn them thick and heavy, hard and sticky
turning up the heat at every turn

caring for the young
making sure they are fed
given a sophisticated and cultured web of friends
people they can meet with and plot their business plans
but close up relations cause rifts and muck slips over the solid
portraits you keep straighting on the walls of your admiration
the bitter mouth calls, manifest your pause absorbed

caring for the young
its more serious than you thought
keep it happening at the right
time of their lives to see the sun rise

keep it following the stars
keep it alive and making graces
keep it burning until it is large
and dominates the sky

the pain in your eye

life at the bend
ever so neat
and proper
answers known
guesses along the track
nobody knows all that
its dream worthy glimpses of a man and a woman standing
on the platforms they set up for rock stars to sing for the crowd
they brought us together to see the mega-stars but instead appeared
an increasingly large balloon, increasing and now huge
filled up most of the room, so we moved into a large stadium
and now the balloon filled that room too
like an envelope containing the dawn
sealed with music composed from heartbeats
too sudden and quickening into a symphony
click go rhythms and percussions
how the voice glues it an altogether now