eternity over the page

listen to the sound your body makes as it gets up and about in the morning sunshine as the weather around you masks an entirety in which you must swim and dance with the sunshine as words cast between friends freeze in the air then dive upwards through an eternity of mist and fused particles letting go of one another in a frenzy of magnetic haste a journey when nobody thought to check the time or the direction, only the reading on the odometer was important and the passing of rows of zeroes affected the hum of monotony this travel and before you know it floating about the stars they are worried as they look at the flip in your eye and its telling how many saints appear in the haze the things that they say echo as the swing stops its swell and intrusion and the smell returns to colour backwards sound effects trouble you no more and you can walk through the door the medics come and shake their heads in disbelief and take all your broken leaves for attention of the great unseen one at the druids’ centre where only last week they sewed the hand back on the man that slayed the beast with both hands and weapons aloft it was almost certain the feared creature would lop one off it was part of the saintly calculation the desert foundation secured by bolts of ice the bridge over overt sacrifice the lung between that and the end of the rung held the mind in a vice and the lights were far too many and far too bright the night was a swerl of dizzy worlds coming undone as they picked out the threads from the old womans dark thumb they took the night behind drawn curtains the only thing between us and the dark ones who came in to take her to a dungeon but the druid intervened with a potion so complete as to draft her back to childhood she was asleep within minutes but still went on about her bag and the lawyer inside it she would bring down on them like a curse in the weather and the stained smiles of the ungodly fools who lurk out in the morning smoke in one hand and drip-bags on a pole in the other
an economy of decay