Falling In

before the rains everything is tense

everything is nothing

then everytime it is in you
if everytime is a move
toward a thing

you learn the little
things all in a rush
and the world
falls into laughter
into your arms, again
into your arms and legs
and mine interspread intertwined

eyes meet and hold
mind flows between
like a rush of air or seeds thrown
at the tropical trees
that run streams in the river
and hands our own
that cup each other
the wind in the trees lifting
the fingers up and the
ripples on the surface

and then the waves crash into the walls
the orchestra sings and the lightening strikes
all that drama wasted by words and is not
the subject under the hands of the planners

the silence after
the sound of dripping water

the state of the wind dying and the valley sighing

the laughter in the trees
the singing of the leaves
the double bass as the bark virbrates
and the drums as the rain beats down
on the carpeted roots

after the rains harmony takes over