filming the wars

light flickery moments recording
books you found at the library
the behind the camera not famous
she was a better photograph
and nothing else mattered
except to the photographer
who was proud to have met the celebrity knew him
all that

while the mysterious
wandering eyeball
glass silver revealing girls
and background glad for
the attention in focus
some people
were rushing about recording
history for the parents that ignored them
but celebrated Bergman
all that

heartless creatures attending plays
seated in the stalls
where the theatre was experience
comfort an after thought
held by impressions of eager
fogotten mystics
calling at the sun
shine the ocres that spread
over the scenes
all that

stuff that pour into senses
wide open and accepting
the perception as fiction
moulding itself to the tune
talking about failures to see
interest on the hard won war
the far test of resolve
the winter of limbs
meeting swords
the harshest blades
wielded by screaming slaves
cutting their way out
of the belly of commercial
cost analysis the pathway out of noise
the wending river of wellness
the working weeks went east
and we dined upon the seats
around the table this feast