In the vast sea

under the hill that was once a mountain
beneath the sea that fell from the air
the air felt hotly majestic
sticky to the touch
hard to remember the dust
as it floated about like fingers
running through sand

moving at a rapid clip through the dunes
the wagon chewed away at the patterns
so randomly and beautifully laid by winds
nobody had predicted or marvelled at
they were winds from the ocean stored on calm
days for days like this great rolling wave
after wave lumped mounds of water in

but cold lucid eyes look up through the needles of
dancing light under the waves
fish juggling at each side of the mask
a diver with a broken cable must know
rescue is still an option right until the end

And that terrible tsunami event
on boxing day millions and millions of lives
damaged by one shrug underground

The titans sleep
and we play on their skulls
think we could
tred more carefully