Your parents gave you a name
You wore it like an old raincoat
That fit and grew with you,
but it did not tell you who you are

You defined yourself and now we know you
Your name fits you because you
are you
A unique force of nature
And now your name has new meaning
Meaning that you gave it

The old wisdom that your name
defines you is no longer true
The truth is that your name
becomes you
as you become you
And your name is unique, and you are unique
But your name is inhabited only by you

I know a secret about your name
It used to be mine too, not an official name
But one given, one I could live up to,
and now you give me one too
Papous contains my inheritance

Alby is your own, you carry it well
You teach it to live up to you
You made it new, it fully belongs to you
And today, with it, you bring together
your families, your inheritance

25 June 2022
For Alby Benn Saunders