Inland Ocean

Roaming around bridges celestial
ridges freezing the lake air
blowing along the surface
the touch of a finger or the whisper of a sigh
both mist the window as it presses on the journey

gaffed boots dragged across the sky
the world taken by stars from point
to point and drifting against clouds
like a constellation of geese in flight

to sleep through layers that accept and receive
to fold pairs of hands to declare or deceive
the encroaching sands of the hourglass passing
between the eye and the ear
at the edge of the night we stand
between the words that fear
ahead is nothing but sand

pounding around the Inland Ocean
the path never found in blackness
the paddle of falling feet flat down
a pattern of formations found
grey locked boxes of rock
and white geese metaled along bronze wires
soaring under the arc of unspoken desires

they fly in haunted winds
bubbles that pull the tides
like tissue under nail drag skin
taken without issue unending
any old thing

windows locked eyes to one side
arms and the other to reason
for infinity and the resting of circumference
the prayer of the custodian of creatures
prehistoric memory preserve the ancient secret
the trade of tears and the results of the storm
deep ocean secrets stir
silences along framed
doorways deter

excerpts from a dream