The Black Hole Series II

Dip deep into the pockets of greed
Bury your heady forces
Hide that privilege from need
It sucks in a vacuum
Less than zero, lower than nothingness
The enemy of existence
Extruded reality through a funnel
Turning as the will dictates

Abandonment and Isolation from Feeling
All you have and could have been drawn
out into long strands, plucked to vibrate
at exactly the frequency of fear

water settles in its own gravity
but space scatters bits of you over vast distance
light crawls from top to toe

The game of elusive avarice
lost between the crawling masses

the priorities of the ill informed
the taste in your mouth rusts away
the flavour of moments
holding hands under moonlight

the strings tie together each point of fragile inflamed memory
listen to the applause crack the air vibrant and mysterious
magnetic at the start and ripping apart form
today and tomorrow lose meaning
as the islands drift and the wind subsides

the loss of memory in a sea of gravity
each little thought as drops of water falling
rain into the ocean