Living in London

Brick city surrenders under morning light
city of birds that wait for humanity and its debris
city of roaring cars taking people 24 hours to places
they will never say where they will speak but a blur

passage to kilburn baker street or west bromley
red bus passes through narrow streets with aplomb
overtaking its brothers with an indifference
far more sophisticated than the trains
that carry crowds inches from danger
or taxis that poach lone and laden wanderers
the seconds accumulate on their ticking meters

and the eyes watch me walk
the traffic camera flashes and miles below
the scuttling in the sewers
and above the constant belly full jets
every minute

this clockwork mechanism full of movement
and the man emptying a nostril outside Sainsburys
remind one of the inequality
the dangers underfoot
transport requisite to call this civilized

City of needs and the exchange of meaningful coins
heavy in the pocket and the flower man with empty buckets
the bright light of morning sky freezing and deliberate

the man inhabits the newsstand bathing in opinion
that row of mopeds and hungry pigeons inspecting the pavement