2 Replies to “London’s Burning”

  1. Hi. Sorry, I’ve found you via some particularly unsophisticated cyber-stalking.
    I put in my membership request at poetrynz.ning.com a few days ago, and find that when I log in I get a membership pending message, and that does not allow for me to message anyone to see how the membership process works. The “Contact” tab at the site is conspicuous in it’s absence. The first name on my sign in is Vanessa, or my email is sandyhooves@ihug.co.nz

  2. From Los Angeles I watched in terror remembering our own riots and fires and looting and moral decay. I feared for your fear as you and others had to endure this madness. Thanks to you for putting words to emotions, and thanks to Blogspot for the “Next Blog” button, which I am glad I clicked on today. Best in your city’s recovery.

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