Lopsided Emergence

The butterfly with wings of gold
encrusted with diamonds and emeralds
will soar above the ants giving them
meaning and resolve
giving them everything
so they were told

The woman and the man meet
a lopsided emergence
before the feet of
the grandee and a face
carrying too meaning
the cruelty and the glee
give me a present
any country will do
give it to me
and tie it with a bow

And now celebrate as the sperm
of the Price finds its way
up and we all shout in the
newspapers and along the Mall

Its wedding day
the price is high
but we do not have so many

The child plays in the gutter
his fingers cold and bitter
curled around the sacred toy
made from the bone of that
ancient dog

The butterfly beats its paper wings
so hard they fray
but it does this to plant a seed
and pray