Lost in You

Finding self under a mountain
Solid and fierce, battling the sky
Clouds pass innocuous trying not to be noticed
But the wind catches them 
You can see their velocity
You can feel for their children 
as they escape the vortex of your eye

A drifting river surges with the melt
Refreshing itself, nature's reset
Takes the neglected and the cared for
On that ill fated journey from vivid to fade
Old casks are buried in the endless sea
Wine never to be tasted
never to pass the lips of a lover
Now add a little colour to the lifeless ocean

You think you can relive your mistakes
Sifting over old photographs of now grown children
If only's and regrets mixed down with gin
Your sage paper fingers flick the edges
to make a sound and convince the fish 
their feast is not yet ready to be taken
Final supper served after slaughter
When the fresh becomes the fedit 
as the microbes and spores move in 
take it all for their roots