Mongoose in the Mudslide

Faux pas down the river.
The assault of reason upon confusion.
The mixture of bags of onions and syllabification.
Convince each other there is
mutual belonging and trust
when there is (in fact, simply)
leather and dust.
Mongoose in the mudslide
Bracken broken bones
battles between being and banter
the tension of meeting required by distance and this insinuation
knowing the tension unfolds
you lie on the carpet
your feet behind the corner of the room
your mind displayed stark upon the sunken wall
the epithets grew steel spines
the instructions were tattooed underneath skin
unknown except to the body
these tales of story
unfolding dimensions of the explosion
ripping and re ripping gravity
slicing the silver horses
washing dirty egg skin
and having counted every bone in his leg
decided that walking to Scotland was
abruptly no longer possible