My Lambeth

You are my Lambeth

Resting on my arm in repose

Forgotten yesterdays spill into broken tomorrows

but we remember each passing phrase
note down the ones that matter
we sing the same keys and feel the same silence
as we dance in the splinters of moonlight
the smooth extends betwixt the knocks
those jagged turns water takes when rapid
the fallen and aged alike silent in their robes
from heaven a hazy star underfoot
cuts through the ancient moss
on the path to the city of art

It is not for them to wet your brush
this your own territory

Watching you in that world
Your little lady making smiles
on the faces of the children of this world
their fingers in the sand making pictures

And those precious stones in the sky
the folds in the rhythms of the body
concertina us together for
we speak into a torrid wind

But, you are my lamb
and you are coming with me
resting on my arm
in repose

for Fifi with love
April 2015

11 April 2015
Copyright © 2015 by Nicholas Alexander