Necessary Goodbye

It was necessary
And you said goodbye
to all our belongings
there were none that were shared
so no ransom to cleave at the joins

there were no arguments
it was simply understood
that pain could proceed without
any need to assign it
or carry it about like old boxes
after your house moves

It was necessary and yet
the urge to explain
and the need to console
were never welcome

the flowers on the windowsill had
long since withered before perspective
was reached and the folly of trying
to grow them there was manifest

It was better to say goodbye
even though the catch was good
even though the heart was in it
the feet were running and the arms
held tight

It was good to see the end
even though while it was there
it was a considerable treasure
a pile of antiques that could never
collect any dust
the values we keep are secrets

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