On a roundabout

You get to see the blur of faces
in a crowd for moments stilled by the
rapid eye flicks the expressions of
surprise at being caught in those
moments like a photograph stilled
life forming expressions caught
without plan or foundation

in a passing breeze we smile for the camera
and then our eyes tell the truth
we speak in whispers as the guardians
of life and death discuss options
for the opening of the door
but decide to leave it closed
as humanity can not bear much
more progress with out bringing
emotions home for the feast
of burnt greed

fathom the light intense
fountains of exposed youth
blood belonging inside the veins
liberated and wasted on the ground

the years and years of preparation for the final moment

the years and years of preparation is what we consider may be subjected to judgement

we cry our salty tears and they fall from our faces and course a journey back to the sea
we expose our experience to the calm mirror that calls out for our parents

as the final axe falls
and we are buried deep
our stillness expressed
in unabated tones