Nine of Spades

Cards fall upon the table
top smooth and surfaced to
allow the card to float
just like it does

the air acts as a cushion
pushing it up because its required
nature does not defy gravity easily
it takes a little tom foolery to make
it seem that apples are no longer falling
bishops move unexpected as it opens up a line for a rook to attack
but how to get it there in one piece
and the pawn that never moves until endgame
the worker bees of military simplification
kill threats to the state, a terrible waste of life
but we need it to maintain order

and what is order? Doing what we agreed to do
even though we never know until we try it
that we have crossed into transgressed into
terrifying circumstances, we would never choose
them but being faced with them makes our heir
stand on their hind legs
as a storm comes over
and blitzes them out

Wagon wheels a turn and grind
the eyes that see past any circumstance
her cryptic looks her eyes her vision
it tastes like outer space
it seems a long time
until sin is given
out in parcels
handed to you
for you to figure out
with what to do

and you work out the problems
of your neighbours
and you understand the plight
of the labourers
you seethe at your loved ones
whom you wish could bait
the hook for one of your
lines but that fails to fly

nine of spades
you have a lot of explaining to do