Cause and effect
effects are caused by action
effects are caused by circumstances
the positions of the stars
these two ideas suddenly went to war
to resolve the issue of superstition

the results have just come in
when action took action it was the
circumstances upon which those actions
were taken that determined the next
action and so it was that superstition
won the day, conquering direct action

merely by making the upright beast
think, could it be the wonderful wheel
of the sky that determines fate
when actions taken by my own hand
seem to result in unreliable results?
Are my own hands part of the fiction?

Or do the circumstances dictate all
do the placement of objects determine
their future moreso than the actions
that have been overlaid like a matrix
contacting every little point, therefore
is action in the universe not indeed
the hard way to get around, to make ends meet
so to speak?

Is not the very placement of things
the surrounds that they occupy
is that not the thing that determines
what happens next?

The Old Gods sighed, this creation of mine
the ideas it comes up with creating chinks in
my armour

it would not do to remove action consequence and response
in favour of circumstance, placement and accident.
Would it?