weather forecast



wash the air, tear down buildings,
blow it all down the road
and onto the power lines.


the air had gone insane
and white bags inflated with gusts
wander like lost dead animals
along a path scattered hands
clasp to the ground
wet and tight
that infant grip

but the air calms
a child stops crying
the church bells
take over
quiet seems to respond
for the duration of the
the passing footprint

until the intruding alarm
the fire siren and grinding
of trade dissolves the dark energy
from the air

the storm seems defeated
but its just having a breather


taken alone
by itself
a storm
is not


but when combined
with suburban washing lines
the storm can become deadly
it can tear open gates
and expose all the lies

they can remove the roofs
and destroy trees
there are households without power
in the winds they may find it
difficult to keep warm
to stand and wait for the
passing of this storm


damaging gusts
snow over the desert road
this includes Taumarunui
snow lowering to two hundred meters tonight
it becomes important
to check the sound bites


somewhere else
way up north
a girl’s life is taken
by the violence of the wind