New Clothes

One is Blue and one is Grey
together they make four
walking legs stride forth
and make their mark in
the candid report I thought
I had read when in fact I had not
seen it it escaped into mystery
One is Blue and one is Grey
and yet one feels like rubby sweat and the other
floats in the air
bubbles of vapour nudge
each other in the foaming surf
the board passing over powered
by rubber flippers
erode and the city
above teeters
and wobbles
back and fro

magic in the evening
falling down drifting flakes
crash against the hard surface
of the green metal tables
sitting outside waiting
the wind had removed
the umbrella

the eyes peering into the pool
sorts out its perils
dancing on the water
detection of pity
smarter living
icecaps on the mountains
freezing the feet of the climbers