Poor decisions

The people who ruin things
How they think the rules could help
Leave the others behind
to fall into the drink
Leave the other views
to rot in the traps set for them

All thats unkind
the stern looks she casts
hoping to damage attack
to weaken her adversaries
she shunned her enemies
transparent conduct
to remove irritant
swelled up twice as large
overtook you in the stakes
and attracted epic scale crowds

but you just wanted the crown
the brittle sucrose prison
that ruins your hair and makes
you flint like in your self destruction
your bringing down the ship with you mentality

People who ruin things
sit at the head of the table
they guide us to criminality
from the depths of poverty

they stroke our greed
and make us sin in relative safety
of non-guaranteed anonymity
where we can be framed
by whim of a desperate administration
too many levers slice up
the world into slithers, none sufficient
except the large chunk retained by the wielder

some greed feeds the engine of growth
that is the payoff
not the direct result of greed which is ownership
without possession
of the object or the self

The people who ruin things can feed themselves to the lions