terribly silent
the earth moves and shifts about
like a dart so sharp it break stones
that slide in under windows

“the elderly do not agree with your assessment”
gentlemen sit down and discard your dinner

the throat is complete and sings for you
you are not all that complex

but your ear is taken along
nobody can stir a broken frame,
a lost legacy

the blurring of the direction of the tragectory
unplanned ruptures in the mountains of Mongolia
it rains blood and streams of it collect
outside peoples houses
they sit and suffer the weeping and moaning
of the broken old rock collapsing and rasping
buried broken up pieces of silver emerge

grant thee an audience
give thee any disease from the
palate of newsworthy and juicy pieces
everyone looks at her now she is quiet and still
but still everyone looks

nobody is immune
the heat is terrifying
and the ground has stopped shaking
but the sky is hollow and the wind
feels strange between the folds
of her shirt