stuck in

some songs get stuck in your head
round they go
uncontrolled living or dead

sometimes our minds devour us
leave us dancing out of time on the
reckless paving stones
the pathway to another
those words you spake
how they jammed up tomorrow

now it is time to let out the
secrets and let them run about
on the floor, weaving in between
the table legs the mice and the door

keep our options open until there is no choice left
do not commit to anything lest be judged as bereft
firmly detailed scorn noted giant letters
dancing people on the jettys
wearing out their shoes and old nails
stop them from falling into the
swollen river

lost in the 1920s they sing and decide
if its going to be ready before the end of the night

a digital connective tissue
connected threads
people caught in swerling pools
interest magnets

travelling traps
loooking nervous
can’t get back

awash with fools
adopt the rules
never to feel stupid
when out of the woods
wait for the goods
and do not be caught
with your hood
folded down
never be short
of a bent half a crown