the execution of moments

“the accumulation of moments” is like the mirrored self-facing reflections never understood until it may limp past itself and somehow look back. We catch ourselves out moments later, regretting what was just said, just done; powerless, unable to retreat. Moments are like atoms. They barely exist but on each side of one a dichotomy can safely nest.”

The Execution of Moments

1. Passing By

we pass each other in the vipers drain
mere droplets from a jet of venom
exhausted, hanging in the air
so small gravity fails to take
the surging muscular body of the snake
whips at the surface and writhes with sexual menace
the injuries sustained are memorable
huge, stupid, singular
it crashes branches it lies upon
and sleeps for weeks digesting dinner
rancid vapour from its breath corrodes rock
it breath hot as its body has a moulten core
when it coughed flames could pour from its eyes
it turned and looked the fragile orphaned girl
carefully before deciding she was not dinner
it took her in and fed her on feathers
when the dragon died, the girl had spent
years wrestling in the pit in
preparation for the end of the world

Then along came time and
overnight it all changed
in one breath destiny unwound
and lost its way

the girl was now the world and the dragon was gone
she had everything she needed to live for quite long

2. collision

prediction, they say is the collision of now with what is not here yet
the crushing together of bits of time
or the co-existence in space of different things
or the cohesion of truth and decay
or the lost dark dense days we spent underground
waiting to be found
counting the seconds that pass
as though the sound of the drip drip drip
regulated how fast before each moment of time
folded into the next

3. extraction

what comes between now and then?
What debt holds the ground between fond friends?
How do you reconcile between the black and the white
or the fast and the slow or the robust and the delight?

At night we fly down to the sodden lead ground
at light we ascend and blend into the clouds

4. disaster

in the end we face up to ourselves
and then we can no longer fool ourselves
so we give up

the world becomes too dark for the light beams to pierce through
it becomes hard to find the space between moments

5. devolution

the execution of moments
all lined up against the wall
they are shot and fall
one at a time
and buckle as they run out of time
on the way down