The Race

Isolated like a fish its eyes peering into the darkness
only shapes and dots to contend with
some of them food
some of them consider you food
eat and be eaten live and breed if at all possible
unlike those above you meet and fuck without preamble
you take what you can get because you can get

was no no Bani Thani to regard it with great care
there is no Eve to make it tough by providing choices
there is no Shiva to take it all away and dissolve
there is no Thor to destroy it break things wash it away
the Tsunami Eradicates all
without Hatred without Remorse

harsh winds take to it with all their jagged progress
the trees weep at the strain and bleed sap
as their trunks are permanently hunched in fear
what is the humble bee thinking as it meanders

the flash in the air
the unprecedented changes wrought by greed
a world driven by hunger celebrates being mean
would it be better to live in the tree
than take lives without a reason
beyond a difference in belief