Think Again

If you take it like that
And wrap your world about it
In that way that you do
It will come back and take a bite out of you

And with that missing piece
running around the night
the self you place in a jam jar
rattles and croaks like glass
in a spinning drum rolling down a hill

Casting looks around the trees and notice
their blossom erupting like children
escaping the novel while the author sleeps
wagons working a way through mountain passes
evolution out of sync with the wishes of the master

The water rushes over leaves, they are dry now
as the wind convinced drops to form and disburse.
Seeds in the hand spread wide over plowed field
all expectation and trust in the months ahead
tending new life and then lopping off its goodness
your life is now better
but the air is thin
and as you inhale it feels sharp
against your throat
the end of any time is mercy
the end of it all is forgiveness