Too Much Power Affirmation Morning

He woke to a brisk coffee overcoat
as he draws the journey to the close
and drifts about the morning water dispenser
conversations he is going to have and as he leaves the wagon
that ritual hand in jacket affirmation that the world was okay
and his mobile device was safe the soft silk feel
of the fabric as he invades its separated world
like any containment there is more information
on the inside than the exterior summaries
given out by dignitaries who had nothing
better to do in the doorways of supermarkets
but in his pocket all was lost
there was no information
he checked his memory
the phone was there at the beginning of the journey checkpoint
and there it was right there in the train when he used it
once and then put it on the table

Life without proceeded with no change except he found
he talked to people more often
received their smile
and gifted a crass one liner in return