uniquity in spatial arrangements #2

Uniquity was advised by the priest president
upon his arrival at the start of something modern
the men cried, held the base of their palms to their forheads
exclaiming how the present of so much fainting station
is silent, acrid and pale making progress for the
hard seconds sent behind things you would rather not
know about unless you read the documents sent to you
pages of the book that turn themselves unless you look at them
then they stay in place. then they stay were you there under
the inclusions of the senses of mustering game
the gathering of clouds on this side of the city
makes people think there is a reason for fear a time to fly
a mind to find and the little children who faint
as their blood runs over the gutter in serviced silences
the little things they said
rolled off the floor and out of your mouth
things that could have been dreamed
things that were around after you were gone
the will was read and they left your body
to the surgeon who cut out my eyes
to the man who walked inside his suit
and never got home alive
he speaks in symbols arcane and principled
he leaks his blood onto the floor
as though he was pissing his pants
but in fact it is danger he hangs from the door
he is a man who intends to live in the fire
burn up the loose bits of his life in disguise
and claim all the children of the world are not his

denial and sacred separateness
the things that we do
on the angel breath
the assumed

the infused.