as the riverboat always finds the sea
jostles as the water runs rapid
deep vibrations carry it forward
like a plank running on rollers
the carriers reloading a queue of logs
rotating as a cascade of opposites
telling fortunes from gravestones
walking in West Brompton
the stone angels
conspire with random

complex illusions erupt like stars exploded under the sea
the dust flies up like bullets
and it goes gets written – embedded in stone
– those few seconds becomes tides
and from that there are drifting rocks
in this bed of a melting world

the magic of mystery abounds as the ice breaks
breaths in another world enter ours
its ancient bacteria is devoured into our own
its recombinant dna mass suckles our mathematical charm
where is kept the shallow pools harvested
by the inept still chained to rules
and epithets of amazement

park your bacteria into a corner where it can be scientifically observed
let it grow in a Petri dish, become classified and part of the literature.