Up to the minute

Clashes of humanity press weapons into the faces
angst drilled in by the harsh hand of the state
those orders followed the bullets fired at crowds
this force of our will to be driven by pain
in the eyes of the world eyes that smart
the corrosion of social relations by
flames doused by decree with weapons beyond the body
externally waving wire the sirens and the chopper dash
flay at the air invisible mayhem
the calamity at crossroads hacked into the arms
wings removed and bleed furious paint
human cells sprayed upon the flag

One Reply to “Up to the minute”

  1. I don’t find much time to check out works by artists I admire at the moment, Nicholas… but this one really caught my eye after feeling shell-shocked reading ‘comments’ posted regarding the Million Man March about to take place in Egypt.

    At times, I am still truly horrified by humanity. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t be. I’ve been around long enough and experienced enough to understand how cruel, frightened, xenophobic and just plain self-absorbed and ignorant people are happy to be.

    I think, at some point, you expressed that you doubted that I’d be interested in this blog as it is probably too didactic for my taste. You were wrong, my friend. This is excruciatingly to my taste.

    Fantastic write. Beautifully structured and pressing into my bones, my psyche, my existence in this time, this space… this minute.

    Love it, Nicholas! Terse, powerful and painful.

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