Warrior Breathes

Dancing evenings on castle stair
Rushing winds through hair-braided
and strands heavy akimbo

Trident aloft and pointed at the brewing sky torn horns
lacerate the clouds of smoke
chewing the tips of the field

Pointed up at the promise of another world
cast over the ground and spread it into the wind
pulses of time, sliced across the boughs
the brutal cows rummage in the path

Slippery picks along the fallow trawl
nets cast over moments that follow underneath
swept kerosine across the paved way
flames accompany the music ringing over the hill

They crawled along the ashes and rise slowly
into form, carts drew silence in the shadows of rims
cutting into the dust that lay on the single bridge lane
broken trails in the path rust blinded irons wrap the winds
the ribs of barrels held fast clamped against the wills
streams of flame cleared memory with cautionary stories
drained of colour and left out to reason

Charms left downward of skin
lose dark zones ribbons of slice
tarnished horizons
proud falcon figure
drawn up like flames
killed down then pushed