Writing for Gravity

Soft sell double wrapped polycell super plastic
barbed edged locked into place it would take a year
to figure it so lets just all run for the fear of it
random panic was all they had left to offer
spreading to the suburbs with in instants
cake to the rescue the underlying threads
are placed around a central idea or mechanism
something that is safe and will never overload
before you could afford to increase your capacity
into the landscape far further than the eye can
sense because the light is dragging its heels
around the bend around the wheels that
will never end because of the tension
stored by the mime of the day
of the horse and the sudden
exit from your life

although it was many years ago pains long sword
still hovers high over mountains across the fords
the withered seas of the games that deflated
and left behind in the suburbs now the raw
stuff of the dreams of executives in the towers of the city
the rides of wild horses across the sky
normal in its day but now is seen as miraculous
its sad in a way, they will be saying the same
thing about frogs to their grandchildren
you wouldn’t believe the colour how bright
they are its so bright it blinds you and you
walk into the distance ahead of your experience
you carry the load and yet it is walking on the spot
a state enslaved by all the tricks of the trade
the lives of children being part of accounting equations

that time in the winter when your hair felt silver
when it fell in a sunset, over the sea, the silence and the driping
of the sea in a life raft floating down the moat that filled the avenue
you did not have time to think before the crashing shores of a lake
three times the size of a small state washed the city of all its eviil