Wrong to be Chaotic

You are wrong to be chaotic
the rapid rise of the waters drowned out definition
as the clouds gather it pays to have wits about one
You are wrong to be an object
as the leaves are green and dust settles on them
as the weird ways of insects remain unexamined
you are wrong to never take note

You move against the tide of events
the ways that they goes is illicit
the desires of others may not be intrinsic
to their latency
the calling of the wild lands

it is not the dice or the felt on which they land
that define it, it is the movement in the air
that inscribes chaos upon common objects

or is it?

It is not the attention of spirits
if you could divide the world’s wealth and evenly distribute it
would not most have a bit more
or would those who would take a chance be rendered equal

as they all enter the betting house

the calmness with which they speak
can not be measured