Awakened Rust

The dawn creeps up on the vagueness
Illumination adds no mystery as the veil of reason
Passed by, unwrapping realness
this assault on personal fiction
a revelation of responsibility

the dry leaves shivered into motion
by that breeze
the air rises
as the light under it warms it

ancient art undone by sameness
insects clung onto walls
and another day peels into sanity
the depths of memory unfurled like the wings of a
wet mayfly

disappointing normality
the covers’ vintage promise never realised
this book with incomplete illustrations
and letters so lazy
pages that time locked together crackle
as you discover age has robbed it of secrets
dust escapes and knowledge spread
in a world that will never discover it
disavowed by rationality
singing bee strokes against clouds
spreading ink never drying
air deadly with noise

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